My Art to You

I am an artist for hire. Could I help on a project you have in mind? Let me know.

Write to davishathawaymoore (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here are some ways I can bring art to you:


Paintings for Sale

Paintings come in a floated, wooden frame, sometimes painted.


Dream Pants 

I started painting clothing with a simple stencil cut by hand from cardstock in my sophomore year of high school. With my dream pants I employ masking tape along with other materials to resist the paint, which leaves remaining the design. I paint jackets, vests, overalls and jumpsuits too. These second skins articulate animal and nature designs, mirroring and duality; the human body is on display! with sharp contrast.



I love making papier-mâchémasks, and I would love making one for you. Masks come with a decorated box for safe storage and moving.